Monday, February 24, 2014

At long last... no doubt about it...
Here it is!
Madness has definitely entered my head.

My heart exploded like a two-bit bomb,
And the shock went up my spine to my head...

Thank God that I'm crazy!
That everything I did has come back to me as garbage
And like spit in the wind has splattered all over my face!
That everything I was has gotten tangled around my feed,
Like packing cloth to pack nothing at all!
That everything I thought tickles my throat
And makes me want to vomit, although I ate nothing!
Thank God, since this, as for drunkenness,
Is a solution.

How about that, I found a solution, via my stomach!
I discovered a truth, I perceived it with my intestines!

Transcendental poetry? I've done that too!
Great lyrical raptures have already paid me a visit!
The organization of poems by general topics divided into subtopics?
That's no novelty either.
I feel like vomiting, and like vomiting my own self...
I feel a nausea such that, if I could eat the universe to throw it up into the sink, I'd eat it
With a struggle, but it would be for a good purpose.
At least it would be for a purpose.
Such as I am I have no purpose and no life...

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